Island Buddha Supports SathSath

SathSath (meaning “together”) has been working with children and youth (along with their immediate family) living and working on and of the street, street connected children, underprivileged children, child sexual abuse (CSA), Sexual Exploitation of Children in Online (SECO),  on children, youth and women in Nepal since 1998. Legally registered in February 2001.

Today, SathSath is an organization recognized as national NGO working for disadvantaged and underprivileged children and youth (along with immediate families) across Nepal.  SathSath has proved record of working in 29 districts, trained around 150 NGO staffs of more than 70 organizations in Nepal. Established as an organization working solely for children and child rights, it has expanded it working target group to youth and women, and immediate families and communities of the target group. Besides, SathSath works in overall issues of working and most disadvantaged children and youth addressing other issues which concerns the livelihood and survival in the society.

How we are helping...

Island Buddha are donating a portion of our profits.

How you can help...

SathSath has been advocating Rights of children through different mediums like radio, street and theatre drama, publications and other means. Consistently we have aired more than 317 radio programme dedicated to advocating the rights of children.

Please join us and donate a dollar when you buy from Island Buddha website – every $ really does make a difference!

How your donations help…

    • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) specifically on “BOYS” issues.
    • Working with Street-connected children.
    • Child Rights issues.


Let’s join together and support SathSath Nepal.